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What can I do with a glut of broad beans? | Kitchen aide
19 HRS AGO - If your green fingers have been busy during lockdown, you may well now have a sackful more broad Expand
How to grow Mexican fleabane | Alys Fowler
3 DAYS AGO - These daisy-like flowers will happily self-seed to bring beautiful disorderThe delicate, Expand
To grow the tastiest herbs, treat ’em mean
28/06/2020 - Be lazy, water and feed far less, they will thank you for itWhen it comes to growing your own, Expand
I've decided what to do with the rest of my life: grow a lemon tree
24/06/2020 - My first attempt at nurturing one from seed looked promising, but ultimately failed. Armed with Expand
‘I’ve felt supported by my plants’: how one exotic garden burst into life in lockdown
20/06/2020 - Visitors are the lifeblood of Jimi Blake’s exotic Irish garden, so what did he do when they had to Expand
The best new outdoors design – in pictures
14/06/2020 - Let’s step outside with some design ideas for your green space or patio Continue reading...
Country diary: last dance of a long-legged mayfly
10/06/2020 - Abbeydale, Sheffield: As it nears the end of its extraordinary life cycle, time is running out for Expand
Doorstep delights: why front gardens matter
07/06/2020 - A place to socialise, an oasis for wildlife, a gift to our neighbours – a front garden can be all Expand
Indoor gardening? Just add flowers
07/06/2020 - Those of us with no garden can still learn from traditional outdoor techniquesIt’s fascinating Expand
How to be an evolutionary gardener | James Wong
3 DAYS AGO - Creating a pleasing garden is a matter of following your instinctsI’ve been forever fascinated not Expand
Country diary: preparing the garden for a much-loved mammal
5 DAYS AGO - Langstone, Hampshire: Britain’s hedgehog population has declined by a third in urban areas – but Expand
Summer’s high point in the garden | Allan Jenkins
28/06/2020 - Bees are drunk on pollen, flowers are in full bloom, and veg are ready to harvest – it’s time to Expand
Refreshing the rooftop roses | Allan Jenkins
21/06/2020 - Fragrant flowers on the terrace keep the air sweet and scentedI have re-homed some roses. I never Expand
Plantlife: one man went to mow … but maybe he should wait
16/06/2020 - Lawns that are only cut once a month can give low-growing plants a chance to flower, letting Expand
Weeding out horticulture’s race problem
14/06/2020 - Even in the garden, there’s bigotry to be foundOne of the things I love most about gardening is Expand
The first chimes of a British summer | Brief letters
08/06/2020 - Labour’s free broadband policy | MP ankle tags | Hand sanitiser | Gardening | Ice-cream vansWhat Expand
Gardens of the galaxy: can you grow vegetables on Mars?
07/06/2020 - With a mission to Mars on the horizon and astronauts spending longer than ever in orbit, Expand
Up in the air: summer's best printed childrenswear
06/06/2020 - Fashion shoots under lockdown are impossible, so we asked four photographers to head into their Expand
The sowing never seems to stop | Allan Jenkins
3 DAYS AGO - Although the summer harvest has started, July might be your final chance to plant crops for Expand
Tooting's Share Garden reopens!
5 DAYS AGO - We’re also delighted to welcome back some of our students for respite and therapeutic Expand
How to grow linarias | Alys Fowler
27/06/2020 - These lofty spires of tiny flowers stand tall in the sunniest, driest spotsPurple toadflax came Expand
The hidden gardens of lockdown
20/06/2020 - As some of the UK’s best-loved gardens prepare to reopen to the public, we ask the head gardeners Expand
The best garden spades to buy today
16/06/2020 - Looking for a new garden spade but don't know which to choose? We've rounded up our favourite Expand
Look up from the garden and enjoy summer | Allan Jenkins
14/06/2020 - It’s not only about sowing and weeding – from sky to pond, life is bursting forthLockdown days Expand
‘I feel as if my garden has finally come of age’ | Nigel Slater
07/06/2020 - After 20 years, three incarnations and some hedge heartbreak, Nigel Slater at long last has his Expand
Time to sow and soak in the glory of gardens
07/06/2020 - June is a busy month – a last chance to sow, and don’t neglect weeding and wateringJune: month of Expand

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