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Supplement may help burn fat long after exercise
6 HRS AGO - Taking an appetite suppressant produced by gut bacteria may help increase the value of moderate Expand
PCPs' Perceived Barriers to Optimal Dementia Care
22 HRS AGO - Primary care physicians have a key role in providing care for people with dementia, but this study Expand
How to cope if the news is making you anxious
1 DAY AGO - Does the constant cycle of negative world news make you anxious? Here, learn more about Expand
How can we reduce our exposure to potentially harmful aluminum?
1 DAY AGO - A new study from Germany suggests that many people have an overly high intake of aluminum Expand
Study sets blood pressure target for people over 80
2 DAYS AGO - Newly published research sets a different standard for hypertension and what constitutes optimal Expand
42 Minute NHS Computer Login Time Tops Medscape UK Slow IT Poll
2 DAYS AGO - We asked who had the slowest NHS IT login time – and the winner was 42 minutes.
Marathon running may reverse a risky part of the aging process
3 DAYS AGO - The findings of a new study suggest that training for and running a marathon for the first time Expand
Melatonin 'Unsuitable' for Jet Lag Treatment on the NHS
3 DAYS AGO - There is no firm evidence to support NHS use of melatonin for jet lag treatment, according to a Expand
How might bitter melon help treat cancer?
4 DAYS AGO - New research in mouse models suggests that a traditional Indian remedy, the bitter melon, may be Expand
New SARS-like virus may be spreading outside China
11 HRS AGO - Reports of a novel virus spreading to countries in East and Southeast Asia have put local Expand
Switching to Degludec Reduces Hypoglycemia Rates
22 HRS AGO - Insulin-treated diabetes patients who switched to degludec realized lower rates of hypoglycemia Expand
The surprising link between depression and the pursuit of happiness
1 DAY AGO - According to new research, placing too much emphasis on happiness can actually give rise to Expand
Using salt to fight cancer
1 DAY AGO - A recent study in mice finds that salt nanoparticles can kill cancer cells. The results also show Expand
Ageotypes: Why do people age differently?
2 DAYS AGO - Stanford University researchers have identified four different biological pathways for aging. This Expand
NHS Scotland's January 2020 Funding Decisions
2 DAYS AGO - Treatments for prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, migraine, and lymphoma have been approved by Expand
Could some antibiotics help treat early onset dementia?
3 DAYS AGO - A preclinical study using cell cultures has found that some antibiotics may help address a genetic Expand
Stroke: Smoking both traditional and e-cigarettes may raise risk
4 DAYS AGO - A new study suggests young adults who smoke both conventional and e-cigarettes are nearly twice as Expand
Testing hearing by looking at the eyes
4 DAYS AGO - Pupil dilation may provide a new and accurate way of testing hearing. The new test may be helpful Expand
Does turmeric have anticancer properties?
14 HRS AGO - People have discussed the potential health benefits of turmeric for thousands of years. A recent Expand
Dermatitis After 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate Exposure
22 HRS AGO - Cyanoacrylate-based adhesives are commonly used in wound closure, but cases of contact dermatitis Expand
Schizophrenia: Largest genetic study offers new insights
1 DAY AGO - The largest study of its kind analyzed genetic information from 3,444 families and found one Expand
Rapid Diagnosis Centres Catch Cancers with Vague Symptoms
1 DAY AGO - Referring patients with non-specific symptoms suspicious of cancer to rapid diagnosis centres Expand
Aggressive melanoma: Circular RNA explains spread
2 DAYS AGO - New research in mice and cell cultures shows for the first time that a key circular RNA can block Expand
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus, United Kingdom
2 DAYS AGO - What have we learned about the spread of tick-borne encephalitis virus in the United Kingdom, and Expand
How proton radiotherapy can kill cancer in milliseconds
3 DAYS AGO - In mice, researchers have devised a technology that can deliver proton radiation, killing cancer Expand
New study could 'drastically' change how we understand Parkinson's
4 DAYS AGO - New findings about Parkinson's disease mechanisms may change doctors' understanding of its Expand

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