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SpaceX will launch 60 satellites into space today - how to watch live from UK
51 MINS AGO - SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral at 16:59 BST (11:59 AM EDT), Expand
New Zealand: man with Covid-19 absconds from quarantine for supermarket 'dash
4 HRS AGO - Man charged over latest breach of quarantine as country deals with influx of returning citizens Expand
Bright feathers, bright brains: hummingbirds 'can order numerically
8 HRS AGO - Study claims tiny creatures can order things in sequence, but researchers say it does not confirm Expand
Fauci: US is ‘still knee-deep in first wave’ of pandemic as it nears 130,000 deaths
15 HRS AGO - Top public health expert urges further action as new cases surge to record highs of around 50,000 Expand
Italy could ‘section’ people who refuse treatment for Covid-19
18 HRS AGO - Minister proposes mandatory hospital care as country grapples with fresh outbreaksCoronavirus – Expand
Comet NEOWISE will be visible from the UK this month - how and when to see it
20 HRS AGO - Comet NEOWISE was discovered in late March, and will be visible to the naked eye this month, Expand
GPs in the UK could soon get paid to send obese patients to slimming classes
22 HRS AGO - GPs in the UK could soon get paid to refer obese patients for weight management classes, a new Expand
SpaceX will launch 60 satellites into space tomorrow - how to watch live from UK
23 HRS AGO - The Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral at 16:54 BST (11:54 AM EDT) Expand
Treasury's 'green recovery' not enough, say campaigners
1 DAY AGO - Proposed £3bn environmental funding for UK contrasts with Germany’s £36bn investmentEnvironmental Expand
Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild Covid symptoms
2 HRS AGO - UK neurologists publish details of mildly affected or recovering patients with serious or Expand
New Zealand opposition MP who leaked details of Covid-19 patients steps down
5 HRS AGO - Actions by Hamish Walker have dealt a blow to the National party weeks away from an Expand
Israel health chief quits in protest at lockdown easing – as it happened
8 HRS AGO - Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19; thousands protest against renewed lockdown in Serbia; Expand
Who might government seek to blame for the UK's Covid-19 failings?
15 HRS AGO - Ministers have been accused of trying to shift the narrative over response to pandemicCoronavirus Expand
Miniature, insect-eating dinosaur ancestor unearthed in Madagascar
19 HRS AGO - Kongonaphon was a long-legged, possibly bipedal, predator that lived 237m years ago and paved for Expand
Brits 'shouldn't leave the house without a face mask on', expert claims
21 HRS AGO - Professor Venki Ramakrishnan said people should wear a mask when they leave home - particularly in Expand
What kind of face mask gives the best protection against Covid-19?
22 HRS AGO - Your questions answered on what type of mask to wear to cut the risk of getting Expand
Germany is scrambling to kick its lifelong addiction to coal
1 DAY AGO - Germany is the biggest coal user in the entire EU, but the country has set itself a deadline of Expand
Refusal to wear mask should be as taboo as drink-driving, says Royal Society chief
1 DAY AGO - President of science body issues call amid evidence coverings protect wearer as well as Expand
Global report: WHO says 'evidence emerging' of airborne coronavirus spread
3 HRS AGO - WHO bows to pressure from scientists about risk from aerosol transmission; Brazil’s Bolsonaro Expand
Coronavirus live news: US gives WHO official notice of its withdrawal next year
6 HRS AGO - Joe Biden says he would return the US to the WHO if elected; WHO acknowledges ‘evidence emerging’ Expand
Scientists put forward plan to create universal species list
13 HRS AGO - Single classification system could end centuries of disagreement and improve global efforts to Expand
HIV patient goes into long-term remission and could be first 'cured' of virus
16 HRS AGO - The 34-year-old Brazilian went into long-term remission after being treated for less than a year Expand
Wear face coverings over nose and mouth, stresses No 10
19 HRS AGO - Government to launch public information campaign amid criticism of lax face mask regime in Expand
Empathy machines: what will happen when robots learn to write film scripts?
22 HRS AGO - AI is on the march in the movie industry – but what would an android-written film actually look Expand
Several pubs in England close after positive coronavirus tests
23 HRS AGO - At least three premises say they will shut after staff or customers contract virusCoronavirus – Expand
Antibody tests were meant to be a game-changer. What went wrong?
1 DAY AGO - For weeks, the UK government suggested antibody tests may lead the country out of lockdown. Expand

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