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A dance of two atoms reveals chemical bonds forming and breaking | Science News
2 HRS AGO - Two rhenium atoms approach and retreat from one another in an electron microscope video.
LEDs used in tests to replace invasive medical procedures
2 HRS AGO - Researchers produce gadgets such as gastric balloons that break down when lit by swallowable Expand
Taking fish oil pills daily 'could give men bigger testicles', study claims
5 HRS AGO - Researchers found that men taking fish oil pills had better sperm, healthier hormone levels and Expand
A naturalist writes an homage to bird migration | Science News
9 HRS AGO - In ‘A Season on the Wind,’ Kenn Kaufman shares his lifelong obsession for and awe of spring bird Expand
This lithium-Ion battery is (almost) indestructible
15 HRS AGO - The battery can be cut, bent, soaked, shot and lit on fire – and it'll still work just fine
A new robotic pigeon can bend its wings like a real bird
1 DAY AGO - Insights into the joint movements and feather surface structures that help birds control their Expand
The sterile moon may still hold hints of how life began on Earth | Science News
1 DAY AGO - 50 years ago, scientists found no signs of life on the moon. Today, lunar mission regulations may Expand
Scientists teach wild wolf puppies to play fetch for first time
1 DAY AGO - Scientists made the findings unexpectedly when they tested 13 wolf puppies from three different Expand
Cows talk to each about how they feel, study finds
1 DAY AGO - Cows tell each other how they feel through their moos, according to a new study. The animals have Expand
Hairy cells in the nose lining may be involved in causing allergies
2 HRS AGO - Some hairy cells in the nose may trigger sneezing and allergies to dust mites, mold and other Expand
The Guardian view on ‘flight shaming’: face it – life must change | Editorial
3 HRS AGO - Individual choices will not solve the climate crisis but ministers should not be encouraging Expand
Nailbiter to keen runner: the three secrets to turning a bad habit into a good one
6 HRS AGO - From looking at my phone too much to sucking air through my teeth and biting my nails, I have Expand
Spider spins mysterious 'Silkhenge' structure in unbelievable footage
10 HRS AGO - Entomologist Phil Torres has captured unbelievable footage of a spider spinning an intricate Expand
Psychology in an emergency: Science Weekly podcast
16 HRS AGO - As the bushfires continue to rage across Australia, thousands of people have ended up face to face Expand
Volcanic gas bursts probably didn’t kill off the dinosaurs | Science News
1 DAY AGO - A new timeline for massive bursts of volcanic gases suggests the Deccan Traps eruptions weren’t Expand
Sepsis deaths around world 'twice as high as previously thought
1 DAY AGO - There were 11 million deaths in 2017 – more than from cancer – with children in poorer countries Expand
Drinking skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed 'can add 4.5 years onto your life
1 DAY AGO - Researchers from Brigham Young University have revealed that drinking skimmed milk can add 4.5 Expand
Mount Vesuvius seen from space in stunning photo snapped by astronaut on board ISS
1 DAY AGO - Luca Parmitano, an astronaut with the European Space Agency and the Commander of the space Expand
Exploding cancer cells can cause side effects in CAR-T cell therapies
2 HRS AGO - Blocking a protein caused cancer cells targeted with CAR-T cell immunotherapy to shrink rather Expand
Scientists discover wolf cubs also play fetch, behaviour thought to …
5 HRS AGO - It was thought that dogs only played fetch due to 15,000 years of domestication but scientists Expand
Your cat could eat you if you die as study shows felines feast on human corpses
9 HRS AGO - A new study has revealed that cats are happy to feast on dead bodies, meaning that if you die, Expand
Doctors warn women not to put tobacco in their vagina amid claims it 'boosts sex drive
11 HRS AGO - Doctors have warned against the practice, which can lead to a range of complications including Expand
Catastrophic Australian bushfires derail research
21 HRS AGO - But scientists see chance to control invasive species and study ecosystem disruption.
Dinosaurs were killed by asteroid and not volcanoes, scientists confirm
1 DAY AGO - While previous research suggested that volcanic eruptions were responsible for the dinosaurs' Expand
Ancient fossil 'may prove scorpion was first land-dwelling animal
1 DAY AGO - Fossil is earliest evidence of breathing structure compatible with life on land, scientists Expand
Can heading a football lead to dementia? The evidence is growing
1 DAY AGO - Concussion can have lifelong consequences and children are particularly at riskThe death in 2002 Expand

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