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Hate doesn’t exist only at societies’ extremist edges - it’s how we run our politics | Joumanah El Matrah
4 HRS AGO - After almost 24 years in the welfare sector, I believe the group we hate more than any other is Expand
The week in wildlife – in pictures
7 HRS AGO - A plucky otter, a mysterious blob and a Florida panther on the prowl Continue reading...
New books explore why dogs and humans have such a special bond | Science News
9 HRS AGO - ‘Dog Is Love’ and ‘Our Dogs, Ourselves’ delve into the complicated, sometimes contradictory Expand
NASA spacewalk live: Watch all-female team embark on ISS mission for first time
13 HRS AGO - Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are part of NASA’s Expedition 61 Flight, and will begin Expand
Brain hack: the quest for new treatments for eating disorders
17 HRS AGO - A project using rTMS, a form of brain stimulation therapy, has shown encouraging early resultsIn a Expand
Fat accumulates inside lungs of overweight people, study finds
19 HRS AGO - Fat can accumulate in people’s lungs and is particularly common in individuals who are overweight Expand
Genetic testing kits 'may wrongly reassure those at risk of cancer
1 DAY AGO - Consumer testing kits fail to pick up majority of DNA mutations, say researchersConsumer genetic Expand
Choanoflagellates could help explain a key step in animal evolution
1 DAY AGO - A newfound single-celled microbe species forms groups of multiple individual organisms that change Expand
Mystery as Scottish loch drains to lowest level in 750 years
1 DAY AGO - Water levels in a freshwater Scottish loch mysteriously reached a 750-year low earlier this year, Expand
The Guardian view on creativity in schools: a missing ingredient | Editorial
6 HRS AGO - Imagination should infuse teaching of science as well as the arts. Children are not pitchers to be Expand
Just nipping out for a zero-gravity mocha! Moving to Mars review
8 HRS AGO - Design Museum, LondonAs this fascinating show makes clear, colonising the Red Planet will require Expand
Nasa makes history as first all-female spacewalk begins
11 HRS AGO - Christina Koch and Jessica Meir venture outside ISS to replace faulty device in mission expected Expand
Octopuses devour whale carcass in nightmare-inducing footage
14 HRS AGO - Researchers from the Nautilus expedition saw the nightmare-inducing scene during a recent dive to Expand
This company wants to 3D print rockets on the surface of Mars
18 HRS AGO - Relativity Space may have the biggest metal 3D printers in the world, and they're cranking out Expand
Stuart Russell on why now is the time to start thinking about superintelligent AI - Science Weekly podcast
19 HRS AGO - Prof Stuart Russell wrote the book on artificial intelligence. Literally. But that was back in Expand
Spacewatch: UK's first moon rover poised for 2021 touchdown
1 DAY AGO - Space exploration vehicle designed to be Britain’s first lunar payload to reach lunar surfaceThe Expand
Earth-like planets 'may be common' - raising hopes in search for alien life
1 DAY AGO - An analysis of rocks orbiting faraway stars found they are remarkably similar to those that formed Expand
Five asteroids will skim past Earth tomorrow - including one the size of Big Ben
1 DAY AGO - The largest of the five asteroids has been dubbed 2019 TM7, and is estimated to measure between 42 Expand
Powerful storms may be causing offshore ‘stormquakes’ | Science News
7 HRS AGO - A perfect-storm mixture of hurricane, ocean and seafloor topography can create distinct seismic Expand
Best time of day to exercise to burn fat, according to scientists
9 HRS AGO - Researchers from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham have revealed that exercising before Expand
NASA makes history with first ever all-female spacewalk from ISS
12 HRS AGO - BREAKING: Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir have started the historic spacewalk, which is Expand
NASA says five asteroids will skim past Earth today - with one as big as Big Ben
15 HRS AGO - NASA’s Centre for Near Earth Object Studies tracks any nearby space rocks, and has revealed that Expand
All hail The Blob, the intelligent slime mould confounding science
18 HRS AGO - A Parisian Zoo has opened a unusual new exhibit: a blob of slime mould with almost 720 sexes. But Expand
Russian ‘CRISPR-baby’ scientist has started editing genes in eggs from a deaf woman
23 HRS AGO - Denis Rebrikov also told Nature that he does not plan to implant gene-edited embryos until he gets Expand
Rotifers secrete a compound that may help combat schistosomiasis
1 DAY AGO - A newly identified molecule from rotifers paralyzes the larvae of worms that cause Expand
Virgin Galactic reveals Under Armour suits for space tourists
1 DAY AGO - Virgin Galactic and Under Armour have revealed the suits that future tourists will get to wear on Expand

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