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How to watch the final supermoon of the year next month
10 HRS AGO - The final supermoon of 2020 will take place next month, offering sky gazers one last chance to see Expand
Astronauts shot into space after unusual coronavirus quarantine
13 HRS AGO - A space crew has been blasted into space after spending time under an unusual quarantine. The crew Expand
What actually is 5G and why is it plagued by conspiracy theories?
15 HRS AGO - The development of 4G’s successor began before the fourth-generation wireless network had even Expand
Exercising too much during lockdown can be bad for mental health, study claims
16 HRS AGO - Researchers from the University of Adelaide have revealed that exercising for more than Expand
Update your Apple devices now if you want FaceTime to work properly
18 HRS AGO - Apple has released updates for many of its products to fix a major bug in FaceTime. iPhones, Macs, Expand
Worried about Zoom's privacy problems? A guide to your video-conferencing options
20 HRS AGO - From FaceTime to Houseparty, there is no shortage of platforms for work and play as you shelter in Expand
Anyone who missed last night's pink supermoon will get one last chan…
1 DAY AGO - The biggest and brightest full moon of the year rose over the skies of the UK on Tuesday, offering Expand
Final Fantasy VII Remake review – a classic game reaches new heights
1 DAY AGO - PS4; Square EnixHailed as one of the greatest games ever, its remake is superbly reimagined Expand
Thousands of 5G coronavirus conspiracy theorists are assembling onli…
1 DAY AGO - Thousands of people are assembling online to plot protests promoting the dangerous and baseless Expand
Zoom releases major new update to try to stop 'Zoom-bombing' among o…
12 HRS AGO - Zoom has released a major new update as it continues to grapple with its security problems. The Expand
Coronavirus treatment possible as trial finds HIV drug is beneficial to patients
14 HRS AGO - Chinese doctors at the primary hospital treating severe coronavirus patients in the city of Wuhan Expand
Coronavirus may need to be 'treated like cancer' with infected cells destroyed
15 HRS AGO - Dr Kevan Shokat, a pharmacologist at the University of California, San Francisco, has highlighted Expand
Terrifying video shows how single cough spreads coronavirus across a supermarket
17 HRS AGO - Researchers from Aalto University have revealed in a terrifying video that a single cough can Expand
Google bans Zoom
18 HRS AGO - Google has banned video chat app Zoom from its employees' laptops. The decision was taken because Expand
Google outage hits Gmail, Snapchat and Nest
1 DAY AGO - Company investigating after Cloud Platform problem causes email delivery failures A brief outage Expand
Snapchat not working as users unable to send or receive snaps
1 DAY AGO - Snapchat has stopped working, leaving users unable to send or receive snaps. The company says it Expand
Nasa study challenges one of our most basic ideas about the universe
1 DAY AGO - Our universe may not be expanding at the same speed in all directions, according to a new study, Expand
Pink supermoon draws people out of their homes
1 DAY AGO - People across the UK were drawn to their windows and gardens on Tuesday evening as a pink Expand
Google Stadia Pro is free including games while people are in lockdown
13 HRS AGO - The game streaming service offers free games and 4k visuals for two months letting people try the Expand
Coronavirus 'won't go away with the warm weather', scientists warn
14 HRS AGO - Members of the National Academy of Sciences have penned a letter to the White House, explaining Expand
Airbnb suspends new UK bookings until at least 18 April
16 HRS AGO - Only key workers will be able to book stays via accommodation website amid coronavirus crisisUK Expand
Coronavirus test is like 'being stabbed in the brain', woman says
17 HRS AGO - The coronavirus test involves a swab of the nose or throat, which is then sent off to a lab to Expand
Why Apex Legends has kept me playing for 500 hours
18 HRS AGO - Striking a perfect balance between friction and flow, could this battle royale hit be the perfect Expand
Influencers being 'key distributors' of coronavirus fake news
1 DAY AGO - Study suggests mainstream news outlets struggling to compete with celebrities’ and politicians’ Expand
Super Mario comes to life with the new Super Mario LEGO sets
1 DAY AGO - Trade pixels for bricks with the all-new LEGO sets that turn Mario levels into interactive worlds Expand
Google and Apple Maps update apps to focus on takeout, food deliveri…
1 DAY AGO - Apple and Google Maps have been reflected to reflect the changes that have come with coronavirus Expand

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