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Explorers set out to find lost WWII ships deep under the ocean
47 MINS AGO - The expedition has already found one missing ship, the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga.
NASA's all-women spacewalk makes history after spacesuit delay
5 HRS AGO - NASA has made history as Christina Koch and Jessica Meir took part in the first ever all-female Expand
Just nipping out for a zero-gravity mocha! Moving to Mars review
8 HRS AGO - Design Museum, LondonAs this fascinating show makes clear, colonising the Red Planet will require Expand
How the wheels came off Facebook's Libra project
9 HRS AGO - Support for Mark Zuckerberg mission to reshape global finance is slipping away slowly but surely Expand
Royal Navy launches new recruitment drive - and it's targeting gamers
10 HRS AGO - The Royal Navy has launched a new campaign at EGX, the UK’s biggest video games event, which is Expand
NASA makes history with first ever all-female spacewalk from ISS
11 HRS AGO - BREAKING: Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir have started the historic spacewalk, which is Expand
NASA spacewalk live: Watch all-female team embark on ISS mission for first time
12 HRS AGO - Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are part of NASA’s Expedition 61 Flight, and will begin Expand
Martin Luther King's daughter says disinformation helped kill her fa…
13 HRS AGO - Disinformation campaigns helped lead to the assassination of Martin Luther King, the daughter of Expand
Trans cyclist Rachel McKinnon defends her right to race in women's competitions
13 HRS AGO - Trans athlete McKinnon will race to defend her sprint title at the Masters track cycling Expand
Trump kept waiting on phone by astronauts
4 HRS AGO - The president spoke to the astronauts after they completed the first ever all-female spacewalk, in Expand
Go back to work': outcry over deaths on Amazon's warehouse floor
5 HRS AGO - Billy Foister died last month after a heart attack at work. The incident was just one in a series Expand
Huge hurricanes can create 'stormquakes', scientists discover
9 HRS AGO - It is hoped stormquakes could help researchers better understand ocean dynamics or even earth's Expand
First all-female spacewalk begins as 'space sisters' repair ISS
10 HRS AGO - Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are part of the same astronaut class and call themselves "space Expand
Nasa astronauts make history with first ever all-female spacewalk
11 HRS AGO - Two Nasa astronauts have conducted the first ever all-female spacewalk. More follows…
Friday briefing: Anyone's fingerprint can unlock a Samsung Galaxy S10
12 HRS AGO - Samsung says it's working to patch an S10 fingerprint bug that will unlock for any finger through Expand
Octopuses devour whale carcass in nightmare-inducing footage
13 HRS AGO - Researchers from the Nautilus expedition saw the nightmare-inducing scene during a recent dive to Expand
Brexit: The PM needs 320 votes from MPs for his deal to pass. Is that likely?
13 HRS AGO - The prime minister needs 320 votes to pass the new Brexit deal - and initial estimates suggest he Expand
Letwin amendment seeks to block no-deal Brexit as PM faces knife-edge vote
5 HRS AGO - Boris Johnson is returning from Brussels with a deal - but he has a fight on his hands to get it Expand
Sky customers can now get Netflix for free - here's how
6 HRS AGO - You can now get Sky Q and Netflix for £25 a month altogether
Best time of day to exercise to burn fat, according to scientists
9 HRS AGO - Researchers from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham have revealed that exercising before Expand
Nasa conducts historic all-female spacewalk outside International Space Station
11 HRS AGO - US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir make history
Pokémon Center pop-up store is now open in London
11 HRS AGO - We take a first look inside the shiny new London Pokémon Center in Westfield Sheperd’s Bush
Facebook algorithms hid negative responses to Zuckerberg’s live stre…
12 HRS AGO - During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s live-streamed speech on the dangers of censorship on Expand
Gang who burgled footballers' homes during games is broken up by police
13 HRS AGO - A number of high-profile players were tracked using their social media activity so the gangs knew Expand

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