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Police to use computer-generated child abuse images as part of paedo…
3 HRS AGO - German investigators have been given permission to use computer-generated child sex abuse images Expand
How Google grew out of a garage into a trillion-dollar empire
5 HRS AGO - In 1999, Larry Page and Sergey Brin offered to sell Google to a rival internet search engine for Expand
BT and Vodafone to lobby PM to allow use of Huawei equipment
5 HRS AGO - CEOs Philip Jansen and Nick Read say they have seen no evidence that warrants ban BT and Vodafone Expand
EU eyes temporary ban on facial recognition in public places
8 HRS AGO - Draft white paper suggest prohibition lasting three to five years is being consideredThe EU could Expand
Sky Mobile launch 5G and it's free for all new and existing Sky VIP customers
10 HRS AGO - Sky Mobile is rolling out 5G in selected cities and towns across the UK and has unveiled mobile Expand
Wireless electric car chargers to be installed in the UK for the first time
11 HRS AGO - Motorists will be able to juice up their car without plugging it into a socket.
Nottingham to trial wireless charging for electric taxis in UK first
12 HRS AGO - The pioneering scheme is seen as playing a key part in the drive to tackle toxic vehicle emissions Expand
Taking fish oil pills daily 'could give men bigger testicles', study claims
5 HRS AGO - Researchers found that men taking fish oil pills had better sperm, healthier hormone levels and Expand
YouTuber slammed for trying to use 1,000,000 paper towels 'to soak up a pool’
5 HRS AGO - The bizarre challenge saw YouTuber Tyler Oliveira throw 100,000 rolls of paper towel into his Expand
The WhatsApp change everyone was dreading has been cancelled
6 HRS AGO - Facebook appears to have dropped a plan to bring ads to WhatsApp. The move – which has been touted Expand
What killed the dinosaurs? New clues point finger at killer asteroid
7 HRS AGO - Scientists have been debating whether ancient rulers of Earth were wiped out by a space rock or a Expand
Your cat could eat you if you die as study shows felines feast on human corpses
9 HRS AGO - A new study has revealed that cats are happy to feast on dead bodies, meaning that if you die, Expand
Spider spins mysterious 'Silkhenge' structure in unbelievable footage
10 HRS AGO - Entomologist Phil Torres has captured unbelievable footage of a spider spinning an intricate Expand
Google owner Alphabet becomes trillion-dollar company
11 HRS AGO - Tech giant is the fourth US firm to achieve the valuation – after Microsoft, Apple and Expand
Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of sexy subtitles in its videos
5 HRS AGO - The hearing-impaired man is concerned that the lack of closed captioning makes it hard for him to Expand
Data watchdog slammed for lack of action against Google on UK's 'largest ever data breach
5 HRS AGO - Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau have been accused of designing an illegal system to Expand
Jacob Rees-Mogg: We are taking online child abuse seriously
7 HRS AGO - The leader of the House of Commons makes the announcement as a Labour MP sets up an inquiry with a Expand
EU considers five-year ban on facial recognition technology
8 HRS AGO - The technology could be prohibited in public for up to five years as regulators figure out how to Expand
Spotify users claim mysterious glitch has 'broken' the app
9 HRS AGO - An unexplained outage appears to have hit the music app this morning.
Your iPhone charger might be about to change again
10 HRS AGO - Apple could be forced to change its iPhone charger yet again. Phone makers are being targeted by Expand
Doctors warn women not to put tobacco in their vagina amid claims it 'boosts sex drive
11 HRS AGO - Doctors have warned against the practice, which can lead to a range of complications including Expand
WhatsApp 'backs away' from controversial plans to use adverts on its app
11 HRS AGO - A new report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Facebook, which owns WhatApp, is retreating Expand

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